Patrick waited patiently for Misty to finish her conversation with Reagan before attempting to get her attention. "Miss Carol, I mean Misty, just letting you know I plan to follow your instructions to the letter. I'm in total agreement that we need zero fuck ups on this refuel. But I have to insist that you stay here on the Helo. That's not some moncho guy bullshit ma'am, I'm not wired like that. It's just plan fact,you're our only hope of getting out of here in this bird. You heard it,my JROTC days was the closest anyone else even had to helping fly. So how about you tell me all the technical stuff not to fuck up and I'll do all the leg work this time. Next time I promise we can switch out okay."

Moving down the aisle towards Patterson and the others gathered. Mr. Patterson I'd appreciate your help on this one. Misty is going to give us the play by play on what we need to do once we recover the fuel. We just need to figure out how to get it over here. I didn't really see any vehicles or anything like that out there but we haven't really had a chance to recon. That Doctor lady volunteered two of her staff to help with labor,but I don't know. Thought that our two awesome Snipers here could watch our six while we have ourselves a look. What do you say?

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