A Bit of a Heart to Heart

With only a handful of Zeds behind the door, all of which were dispatched in short order, clearing clearing the tower was a breeze. Perkins and Davenport managed to make their way to the top of the tower in no time, with Perkins finishing off the final shambling Zed by knocking in to the ground and stamping its head to mush.

After scanning the room, Perkins remarked. "Now that's a nice view." Unpon seeing the crimson spray across the control panels, quickly tracing its origin point to a badly mauled corpse, that looked like it had belonged to some poor sod who decided to go out on their own terms. Pushing this from his mind, and with the tower clear, he activated his throat mic. <"Patrick, this is Perkins, we have secured the ATC tower, how is the refueling going?">

While waiting for a reply, Perkins turned his attention to the surrounding area through the large dusty windows, pleased to see the immediate area was clear. He didn't know why, but he was half expecting to see some large horde heading their way, it seemed to be the next natural step with how this day was going so far. Sighing deeply to himself, he briefly scanned the interior of the tower and was pleasantly surprised by what appeared to be an intact long range radio.

Sitting down at the radio to see if he could get in contact with either HQ or the airfield in Lebanon, he looked over to his American colleague, and in a matter of fact tone asked. "So Davenport, in your personal estimation, off the record, how would you rate our tactical situation?" Taking a moment to massage his forehead before continuing with. "Because something tells me we aren't all gonna make it to the states."

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