Davenport and Perkins the Tower

"So Davenport, in your personal estimation, off the record, how would you rate our tactical situation?" asks Perkins taking a moment to massage his forehead before continuing with. "Because something tells me we aren't all gonna make it to the states."

Davenport lifted his 416D looking through the x3 scope as he scanned the horizon “If the airport is secure, we should be in the green. I worry about the Chinook we did hit hard we don’t need the thing falling form the sky. We can get ammo from the Zees so what we have used we should be able to replace with little work” Davenport says. Looking out a different direction “We have the fire power to get them to the aircraft. But if we go down or get delayed, we don’t have the food or water to survive long.” Davenport paused looking though hiss scope “Hurd 100 or more Zees three klicks out moving south east. But I think they are going to miss us” He reports. He lowers his rifle and turns to Perkins “Transportation, food and water, ammo are my concerns in that order it would not bother to much, but we have civilians with us and two on stretchers and pilot with a broken leg, I think. I brot enough water and food for three days for me.” Davenport tells Perkins.

Stepping forward looking down the fueling was going well as the hoses were being moved. Davenport wanted to tell him his primary mission but did not. The more information the better at this point. “Right now, we are in good shape, but I feel the HMC company is not telling us all the information, but I could be wrong. They are playing a lot for are packages down there, to much.” Says Davenport.

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