Like a NASCAR pit crew

Patrick took point,as the four person team comprised of himself, Mr. Patterson, and two of the medical staff made their approach to the fuel container's. He kept his head on a swivel, as he wondered to himself why he always volunteers for the dangerous shit. Oh yeah that's right you actually care about other people even if they could care two shits about you. At a boy Patrick.

Patrick cleared the fuel dump like a skillful professional before providing Mr. Patterson the signal to advance. Once he felt comfortable that they could move about in a work capacity without any danger Patrick cued up his radio to the Helo. "Patrick to Misty, fuel dump clear of Zeds, ready to proceed with phase one of refuel. Um,Misty you said to look for a very large hot water bottle looking thing right? Army green? We don't have anything like that here. Look I'm telling you we don't have one of those over here. No you don't need to fucking come over here and look. I may be a Civi but I'm not a moron. Hold One. Okay we found three large black rubber tire looking things under some tarps. They're marked flammable and have nozzle ports. No,no laughter is good Misty, you go right on ahead. You sure!? They won't explode!? Just roll them on over? Copy that."

Patrick helped move the first flexible bladder with the help of the Medical staff volunteers. They rolled pretty decently across the ground once you got them started but were something else entirely to get them to stop. As he was headed back for the second bladder his headphones roared to life with Perkins voice. This is Patrick go ahead. Not too bad boss, we located three large flexible fuel bladders, the kind you roll like tires. Got the first dropped at the bird heading back to get number two. Yes Sir, I've got Mr. Patterson with me and two of those Medical guys. No Sir, that Doctor lady volunteered them. Yes Sir, understood. Shouldn't take more than another thirty minutes. Shit, we're not as fast as a NASCAR pit crew but we get the job done.

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