At home in a fight.

As he had been asleep from exhaustion when the heli hit the ground, Perkins had escaped any real damage, though all his joints hurt from the impact and he now found himself dangling from his harness.

Seeing and hearing Davenport call out contact, Perkins called for a situation report, as he dropped to what was now the floor, before checking on everyone else. The first person he looked for was Reagan, not seeing her in the second or so he glanced at the bloody mess where the civilians had been seated he then went for the ramp, yelling out to the survivors. "Anyone with a weapon that can walk, engage the fucking enemy."

Feeling a little better after the rest and pushing everything out of his mind, Perkins was in a good mood. 'Just a good old fashioned firefight' he though, this is what he missed about the world before, no zeds threatening to tear him apart, just other people with guns.

As he moved to exit the toppled heli he grabbed the Russian by her plate carrier and dragged her to her feet, shouting at her. "Let the medic help him, we need to win this fight!"

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