Smoke Em If You Got Em

Patrick was strapped in directly behind Reagan and was enjoying listening to the conversation on his headset between her and Misty. He was just about to chime in with his favorite Disney song when Reagan shouted out incoming fire. The bird was on the ground hard before he knew it.

Ribs aching from the straps holding him into place told Patrick that for now he was still alive. The screams, he could still hear them echoing in his head,eventhough their owners voices had been silenced. It had to have been an ambush He quickly cleared that thought as bullets impacted the side of the Helo. He'd have to come back to that thought if he survived.


Upon hearing Davenport and Perkins voices he knew at least that he wasn't alone. As he began to cut himself free he observed Reagan moving into the main cabin. A renewed since of hope washed over him as he saw her and began to hear other members of the team moving about.

Finally freeing himself,Patrick slowly exited towards the rear of the Helo. Somehow the Chief was still with them.We need cover before they get us in a cross fire son!"

Grabbing two canisters of smoke, Patrick threw the first left as far as he could about
25 yards. The second he threw right about similar distance.

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