A Loving Touch

Feeling a sense of relief when Reagan made it safely to cover and took over the treatment of wounds, Perkins let himself lie back against the wall, giving a grunt of acknowledgment to the medic along with a nod.

He didn't complain, or say much of anything really, aside from a lot of grunting and a few muttered expletives as Reagan went fishing for bullets. He managed to remain lucid through the treatment, though he went dizzy and lightheaded from pain a couple of times, the shots taking the edge off but still leaving his body mildly exhausted and panting.

As Reagan finished her work and said her goodbyes, all he could manage was a pained smile and a strained. "Thanks Doc."

Tucking the stock of him M4 to his shoulder, Perkins painfully shifted along the wall to bring the aircraft in sight, training his weapon in that direction to help cover their ride home.

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