A Stubborn Idiot?

A shambling shape appeared behind Patrick as he spoke to the pilot, the thing looked pretty damn close to a Zed, the constant grunting and groaning noise as it moved certainly sold that image, and if it weren't for the constant string of elaborate and inventive curse words coming out of its mouth it would probably have been shot as a Zed.

Perkins was in what you could call a hell of a lot of pain, though mercifully it was distracting him from the mental issues from earlier. He knew that he shouldn't be up and walking, but his stubborn refusal to allow himself to be carried to the plane had forced him to his feet and dragged him across the airfield.

When Perkins reached Patrick and saw who he was talking to he was about to join the conversation, however his voice caught in his throat as he straightened himself up, causing him to gasp in pain slightly as he tore the staples in his stomach wound and nearly doubled over. Deciding Patrick could handle the situation, and not being in a position to stop him even if he wanted to, Perkins simply nodded at him and kept moving.

Just about keeping himself standing upright, and probably looking as bad as he felt, he struggled his way onto the plane and took a painful seat, applying pressure on the bleeding wound and tried not to look in pain until he saw Reagan again and got her to patch him up again. She wasn't going to be happy he'd already messed up her work.

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