You need anything?

Patrick observed the situation within the
C-130 making an effort to physically check on every single person. He tried to offer a smile and a kind word to every face. Provided a candy bar or can beverage too,anything to keep some of their minds from wondering.

As he gazed upon Reagan tending to Perkins in her camisole he stopped beside her. Reaching into his pack he pulled out a Charcoal Gray T-shirt the words FOO FIGHTERS printed across the front.

Try this on Reagan,I promise it's clean. It's also a bit of a good luck charm,so if you're not going to wear armor at least wear this. He gave her a smile his dimples showing that he was sincere.

Tapping Perkins boot with his hand as not to cause to much movement. How you holding up Boss? Can I get you anything?

As those who were still combat capable tended to overwatch duties he listened intently on his earwig as he finished checking with everyone. Patrick observed the young Iraqi man on Patterson's team take a helpful approach by providing ramp Security. He couldn't have been more than 19 years old,Patrick could only imagine what he must have gone through.

Hey man you doing okay back here? You need anything? Candy bar or water? I appreciate you stepping up and helping out. Don't think we've actually been introduced. Names Patrick.

Pausing for a moment in his introductions to call out on the radio.This is Patrick how we doing out there?

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