The Battle for Rayak Airfield, finale?

After all the shooting had died down Talia busied herself by going around the battlefield looking for ammunition, magazines, and a few choice AKs. Thank God the AK was such a reliable weapon because most of them looked like shit. And the ammunition, some of it was Albanian. Ick. Albanian ammunition had a deserved reputation as not very accurate. Which partially explained the poor marksmanship of the insurgents they fought. And most of the rounds were probably made before she was born. Still, she managed to find a few AKs that looked reasonably well maintained along with a small supply of ammunition and magazines. When she finally returned to the plane, she dropped all the rifles and magazines down in a clatter.

"Free rifles looking for good homes," she said and leaned them up along the fuselage like they were in some sort of third-world arms bazaar. "Take what you need, leave the rest," she added before heading into the aircraft. She had already topped off both her AK and PSL's ammunition reserves, but she had left plenty of ammo for the others if they needed or wanted it. Of course, it was all 7.62x39, which did not fit their M4s, but that was not her problem. Her AK-203 was just fine with that caliber.

Ingrid barked hoarse laughter as the pilot bit back the word 'girls'. "He would have said girls if there had not been an old fart like me here!" She nudged Talia with her elbow in good humor, laughed again and said: "Yes, me and the girls will take perimeter security. If you two Ryska are up for it." She tossed Talia and Sharon a sly smile, then turned and headed for the back of the plane, where two of her alligator cases stood along the wall, ready to be strapped down. "I have a claymore mine or two if you girls want to play with some anti-personnel ordnance..."

“Nyet, but thank you for the offer…babushka,” Talia replied with a smirk.

“Hey,” Sharon asked openly with a smile, thinking of the machine gun now strapped to her pack, “think customs will let us fly home with some new toys? Can’t let good rifles go to waste after all.”

Talia laughed. “Bring as many as you want home, they are all on sale. 100% off,” Talia replied. "Just leave some for the others, ok?"

Sent back out on overwatch, Talia grabbed her PSL and mutely followed Ingrid and Sharon down the cargo ramp and out of the aircraft, leaving the other weapons she had collected leaning against the aircraft. Her mind drifted as they trooped to their overwatch site and set up.

So, they were going home. What was home now?” Talia wondered. Clearly it wasn’t Russia anymore. That old life was gone. And America wasn’t very appealing to Talia, if that was their final destination. With the luck they had with aircraft lately, who knew where they might wind up? And did it really matter anyway?

Talia had no answers. She was a stateless person now, adrift in a world gone mad, living only for the next mission. That was her horizon. God, she needed a drink. Maybe when all this was over she could lose herself for a while in a good bottle or two of vodka?

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