Two of the injured died before the hour was up. No matter the skill level of the Doctors Without Borders, the MSF team possessed they simply did not have the advanced facilities or even enough units of blood from willing donors to sustain their lives given the enormous injuries the heavy machine gun's bullets had inflicted on them. Yusuf and the C-130 load master carried them outside and two quiet pops sounded as he used his sidearm to ensure they'd not come back to this world.

MSF was down to Doctor Turner, a nurse and another doctor. Yusuf rounded out the civilian side of the survivors though it was clear he was far better suited to paramilitary operations than saving lives. They were soon back inside as the plane finished preparations for take off.

Around the plane on the perimeter they'd established it was quiet, no movement other than what a sporadic light breeze kicked up.

Sharon was the first to spot it.

In the wooded hills in the line of the plane's take off path there was someone watching them. Perhaps a kilometer past the end of the runway the tell tale flash off of glass told of optics being used to observe the airfield. It was a rookie mistake, soldiers a few months into a deployment would have been taught to shade their binoculars or scope against such a giveaway.

It didn't appear to move position and there was absolutely no sign of movement of anyone else.

Down at the airfield the #1 engine whined as it turned over and then rumbled into life.

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