Leavin On A Jet Plane

As the engines kicked in and the C-130 staff gave the signal that they had started the flight check,Patrick clicked his headset.
Attention this is Patrick the bird is good to go let's bring it in.

Patrick proceeded back into the belly of the craft eager to get underway. Reaching deep into his pack he pulled out the SAT-COM that he had saved from the Helo. Punching in the sequence of numbers he waited for the voice prompts.

Thank you for calling HMC Industries,all lines are currently busy,your call is very important to us,please stand by for the next available representative.

Well shit!

Disengaging the call he sighed as he moved to take a seat beside Reagan. Hey that's a really nice T-Shirt. So you come here often? I hear the service is a bit slow but that the inflight movies are on point.

Patrick gave a little light hearted chuckle.
I'm sorry,just trying to keep a little humor. You doing ok? I know you haven't rested much since we started this gig. I'll look out for you,just close your eyes for a bit.

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