Are we there yet?

After the plane lifted off and cruising at altitude Davenport leaned his head back and closed his eyes resting. He opened them just to look if he heard something or if Dr Turner moved or talked. He did not concern himself with that was happening below with the city after takeoff. he had already lost most of what he cared for already. The memory of the woman and little girl walking and laughing flashed thought his memory. They had sated for a year he tried to make it back to help them, but it was to late for them. He let out a sigh, that’s when he volunteered for this mission and this team. He knew the mission has changed now and figured the world is going down fast in his estimated millions of people were turning every day. He got a bad feeling about this mission and knew things are not as it seems. He thought that everyone knew it. Thinking about it he drifted off to sleep. It was the change in the engines on the C-130 that wake him up a few hours later.

They began to descend, land below and to their right, ocean to the left. As they made the last turn in the pattern for the airstrip below a business jet was visible on the taxiway. The landing was smooth, unlike the helo the team had last been in, and the C-130 kissed the runway without incident then turned and began to taxi back towards where the jet was waiting.

Davenport had been looking around checking landmarks as the came in for the landing. He readied his gear as they taxed to the other side to the jet. He stood to his feet as the C-130 sopped.

Though no zombies had been in sight during the approach the noise was sure to bring them soon. The Hercules pulled off the runway and the pilots began to shut the bird down as the loadmaster opened the ramp. As it cleared the last little bit a man wearing a suit that looked a little wrinkled stood there waiting. Davenport walked to the rap he rested his hand on his 416D handle as it hung on the combat sling. He waited for the Dr Turner. He looked out keeping an eye out for trouble. Standing on the ramp. And covering the rear of the aircraft. Saying nothing to the man standing there.

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