First Things First

"I need your team to set up perimeter security," he said, talking past Ingrid and to Davenport. "We set up some sensors when we first arrived and we're picking up movement over there," he pointed past some buildings, perhaps 200m distant, that lay to the West. "Past them."

"Dr. Turner?" he met her as she stepped down, one hand shading her eyes that watered from the light and lack of sleep. "Bob Rickman. Let's get you and your team on board. Don't worry about any gear," he said hastily. Rickman also spared a glance for the C-130 Crew Chief. "We're leaving the bird here. You, pilots, MSF and the wounded get loaded up while the rest set security. Make it happen," he ordered then took Turner's arm and began to lead her towards the waiting business jet.

"We'll signal you to pull it in once everyone is loaded and secure," he told Davenport over his shoulder.

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