One, two, check, check

Now that she was awake and refreshed Reagan had work to do again. Apparently they had arrived safe and sound. Next phase, getting everyone loaded on the new ride. Dr. Turner and her crew were quick to disembark, so after grabbing her own bag (a little heavier by the useful things she found doing clean up of the Infected) she made her way to check on the sleeping Perkins. He was sleeping hard, restless, eyes flickering back and forth beneath the lids, a sign he was deep in REM sleep, likely dreaming. The didn't seem to be comforting dreams either.

She tried to check the bandages without disturbing him. Gentle fingers lifting his shirt to make sure the stomach wound hadn't bled through, her nose straining for any sweet smell that might indicate a problem. The other wounds were minor, it was the gut she worried about.

Soft cool fingers palpated his stomach gently, checking for hardness or distension. She was relieved when she didn't find either. That same hand reached up to stroke his face, ostensibly to check for fever, but in truth the young man reminded her of her son. The blue eyes and dark blond hair, the shape of his nose made her breath catch, wondering if Mark Thomas was still alive. Maybe he'd found someplace safe in Michigan. She'd taught him everything she could but she wasn't there to protect him. Well, she was going to protect this one, as much as she could.

She grabbed one of the collapsible stretchers, positioning it beside him, low enough to slide Perkins from he seats he occupied to it. She looked around to see who was left on the bird. She grabbed one of the pilots, who was finishing up his job and got him to lift the feet over as she moved his torso. It was awkward because of her height but they moved him as gently as they could.

She thanked the pilot and grabbed Perkins bag, setting it on the end of the stretcher. She hesitated a moment, rummaging in her own pack, rearranging things then carefully wheeled Perkins down the ramp. She was being as careful as she could with the injured man.

Her eyes settled on the suit, giving him a small smile. "Glad to find you waiting for us. Things got a little dicey for a minute or two." She continued on, pushing the stretcher towards the jet, her senses on high alert.

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