I've played enough D&D to know better...

Patrick's foot had just touched the top of the ramp taking in the surroundings outside as he heard the suit starting to relay orders.

"I need your team to set up perimeter security,"......"We're leaving the bird here. You, pilots, MSF and the wounded get loaded up while the rest set security. Make it happen,"

Patrick chuckled to himself slightly. "HOLD ONE! Davenport stand down,ain't nobody employed by HMC doing anything foolish until we happen to see some credentials!"

Patrick gave a nod to Patterson who was being assisted by a nurse towards the suit. He knew that the Military Man had the same notion of checking this guy out.
Something was off and Patrick sure as hell could feel it.

As Reagan exited the ramp behind him guiding a stretcher with Perkins he couldn't help but wish his friend was standing tall beside him. He gave Reagan a reassuring smile as she passed him. Davenport please help Reagan load Perkins into the Jet,have the good Doctor Turner to check everyone out again too. No surprises!"

Patrick positioned himself to block the Pilot from advancing, giving the man a look that clearly said STOP. "How about you take a seat next to Ingrid there til we figure this out. Ingrid if you wouldn't mind allowing this nice Pilot a moment to rest beside you."

Leaning in momentarily to whisper into Ingrid's ear. "I've played too much D&D in my lifetime to know that something ain't right here. Stay alert my friend."

Yusuf was one of the last to depart the C-130 assisting Chief Wilson down the ramp. The Chief looking a lot more focused than before. Patrick was glad to see the Veteran of HMC. He certainly could use the man's experience regarding the incident set before them.
"Chief good to see you. I was just about to speak with Mr. Rickman here to see exactly who he might be representing. He certainly was giving out some hasty assignments like he works for HMC but that hasn't been determined yet. He look familiar to you?"

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