Huge:1-Extra big & strong
(A character w/ the 'Huge' trait will be at minimum 7' tall, maximum height 9'. Alternately, they could be normal height but could grow to such proportions when they use the trait
Quick:1- Extra fast & nimble
>Add to melee, dodge, block
Flight:1-Airborne movement
Climb:1-Climb/stick to walls
Leader:1- Fortitude, persuasion

Armor:1- Body armor or thick hide
Fire Control:1-Create & control fire
Ice Control:1- Create & control ice
Power Beam:1-Fire energy beams
Psychic:1- Telekinesis, telepathy
> Psychic powers cost one power point to activate, but afterward enjoy no power cost telepathy and telekinetic powers, Wisdom based rolls
Claws:1-Animal-like claws
Entangle:1-Trap enemies, swinging movement
Gadgets:1- Array of special items
Senses:1-Super senses or 6th sense

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