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Summary: My liege!

Connor the Saxon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Knight Brother


From modern day England, mixed Celt/Saxon/"English" blood


Lowest of the Knight Brothers, was a squire until a month ago.

Physical Appearance

Fit and trim physique

Personality and interests

Serving God at all costs and sees the Templars as his path of servitude.


Was a stable boy from age 5 to 15. Worked up to be a 'helper' of sorts to squires from 15-20. Then, was granted a squire position after saving a knight and his squire when they were attacked by nomads. On that knight's deathbed, he succumbed to his wounds but they succeeded in their mission because of Connor and the knight and squire were able to return to the Temple 'safely', he implored the grandmaster to make Connor the new squire to his old squire who became a knight. It was granted. Connor was a squire for five years and continued to prove himself brave, honest, and true. He was given a knighthood just a month ago.

Favourite Sayings

I live to serve.

Favourite food

Loves the simple things having been raised on simple offerings as a stable boy.

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Image of Connor the Saxon
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