Tim's heart leaped for joy, seeing Lovisa sitting at the long table. His eyes slid along her body, happy he couldn't see her perfect forms due to the cloak she was wearing. He still had last night clear in his mind, the pleasure he felt like he was still laying in his bed with her warm body against his. A sigh came from his lips and he didn't realize he was staring at her until the impatient voice of Jean threw him back to reality. After they barkeeper had given them their meals, he led them to the table were she was sitting and sat down across from her.

"Brothers," he said and gestured to Lovisa. "Yesterday this novice came to me, he has to fulfill an order and has to go to Venice, the same way we are going. He hasn't any protection so he asked if he could travel with us," he looked over to Lovisa, seeing a small smile around her lips, his attention was again drawn back to Jean when he heard him clearing his throat. "I'm certain we can trust him," he quickly said before Jean could open his mouth then he knew the other Templar was always very suspicious and certainly with their secret mission they had to be careful who to trust.

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