the way of woman

Youesef sat in his private tent when his wife Haya came in. He saw immediately at her face that she wanted to tell him something important and with a sigh he gestured her to sit down. After a long day he was tired and he wanted nothing more than some rest, but when he didn't listen to her now, she would be offended. "Tell me what is on your mind," he said, he had to listen to her also when he didn't want to. "My love, I think we need to talk about the future of your daughter," she said, she almost never used Minetta's name, it was a sort of sneer towards him that he only cared about his eldest daughter, not about his other children. "I think it is time for her to marry. The empire might be in danger with the upcoming threat of the Templars. When something will happen to the heir, her son would inherit the throne," disgust welled in her up when she said this, she wanted one of her own daughters to bear the next heir, but her own daughters were much younger than the eldest princess, still children, not a woman like Minetta.

Haya bended towards her husband. "I think you need to search for a husband for your daughter as soon as possible," she said softly. Youesef looked at her, confused. His second wife never took care of his daughter and he didn't know why she did now. "Haya, love, I will speak tomorrow to my daughter about it," he said and with a small gesture made her close her mouth when she wanted to say some more. Irritated Haya grabbed her long dress and stormed out of the tent of her husband. He sighed and shook his head. He knew Minetta and Haya were playing a game with him, but he never had understand the rules, and maybe he would never understand it. He was always glad when he was with the men again, at least they didn't play their own games.

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