Cairo; only for him

Her horse was a small brown Arabian mare. Other than the rest of the woman from the harem, Minetta preffered to travel on horse back instead of a camel. She couldn't wait to leave then it was a few years ago she was last in Damascus. The city of her childhood, she loved it back there.

She giggled when she saw how Ahmed convinced the sultan to take less with him. When he came over to her, she smiled.
With his help she mounted her horse and took the reins. She looked over to her father who stood ready to give the sing for departure.

"Ahmad," she said while looking at the palace guard. "Do you think we have some time left for hunting during the trip to Damascus?"
Hunting was a loved amusement at the court. The sultan had a wonderful hunting horse and as a little girl she was always impressed when he brought home a gazelle or a gemsbock. She had hunted a few times herself, of course with experienced hunters and guards then nothing should happen to the princess, but never the big animals. Only birds and small meerkats.
"I want to see a lion," her eyes lighted up when she thought about the huge cats.
Suddenly thinking about something else she bended slightly towards him. "There is some rumour here and there," she gave him a sweet smile. A smile she only gave her best friend. Espiacelly for him.

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