Cairo; orders

Abdullah scouted the route the royal family would take. Together with four other man he had traveled almost half way to Damascus. Still there was no danger on the way and he send out his falcon to let the sultan know the roads were safe. He knew it could take a while before the slow traveling caravan would arrive at the point he was now, so he had to stay here for a little longer.
He unsaddled his horse. The animal immediately started rolling. Abdullah was one of the most skilled riders in the army of the sultan and he mostly rode without a saddle. Much to the delight of his horse who had to carry the heavy thing when Abdullah should use one.
He patted the neck of his horse and watched how the other set up their camp. “We will stay here for a few days to wait for the answer of the sultan,” the men sighed in relieve then they were tired after having spent almost four days non-stop on horse back.

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