Yes, we should

"Of course I will be careful, my love," Tim said and kissed her lovingly, "and I think we should." He spread her legs and lowered himself onto her, giving her a moment to get used to his weight. She peeped and took a deep breath, than smiled at him. Encouraged by her smile he slowly entered, finding his way inside her. She wailed softly and inhaled deeply. When he moved again, she moaned, in pain or in lust he didn't know exaclty but it didn't take long before they found the right rhythm and they moved in perfect harmony. Each moan coming from her lips when he moved into her made him mad with desire and he wished he never had to come out of her again.
The heath between them quickly build it's way up to unbearable heights and when he came he growled and kissed her neck passionately and she dug her nails into his shoulder and called out his name. Breathing heavily he laid down next to her and held her close to his chest, while stroking her side with one hand. "Next time try not to be so loud," he whispered and kissed her head.

He had expected himself to feel regret, but he didn't. Every single moment, he would do everything again and again also when he knew he was not allowed to. He still heard Lovisa's words and while she laid curled up against him, he thought about it. She was partly right, why whould the Lord punish two people for just loving each other? But he had sworn to never touch a woman, it was a clear rule from his order. Every minute passing by he felt more and more torn between the loyalty to the mighty order and his love for the French noble woman laying beside him.

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