together till Venice

Lovisa curled up against the marshal and gave a little yawn. "I love you, Tim," she said and pressed a sweet and lovingly kiss on his lips before she closed her eyes and drifted of to a deep sleep with the most sweet dreams she ever had.

The next morning she woke up before Tim and she slid out of bed and quickly dressed, throwing her habit around her to mask her feminine forms. When she was dressed she saw how their was some movement in the bed and she walked back and bended over to gave Tim a kiss on top of his head. "I will go downstairs and wait there for you and the other knights," she whispered. He nodded and pulled her in for a last kiss and she smiled while kissing him deep, lovingly.

When she came downstairs she took place at one of the large tables and the barkeeper served her her breakfast. As the daughter of a nobleman she was used to food of high quality and she almost started to throw up when she only looked at the meal. A shudder run down her spine when she took the spoon and she took a bite. It was not like what she was used to, but it wasn't bad either and on her journey she should get used to it. When she was done eating she looked around, curious. Her father always had kept her as much as possible away from the citizens and the things she had seen during her travel to find the Templars were almost all new to her.

Suddenly she heard the hard voice of Jean behind her and a blush flew to her cheeks when she heard the softer voice of the marshal answer him. As she had thought Tim led the other Templars to the table she was sitting at and they started to eat in total silence. Nervously she looked over to Tim who gave her a calming nod and a slight smile came to her lips. She could travel with him to Venice.

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