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Summary: Raven rarely judges, remains aloof, and speaks when necessary. He is drug, smoke, and alcohol free.


Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Class A

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A follower of the occult, Raven has always been tied to the darkness. She finds solace in shadow. She was abused as a child for being "different" and for her silence. As a misunderstood youth, Raven has learned to deal with her introverted tendencies and interact with everyday people. She lost her true love to prostate cancer and though she cared for him and stayed by his side, he sadly, lost the fight. She is now a melancholy shell of what she once was. She uses her knowledge of the occult in order to reach out and one day destroy the evil that killed her beloved.


Shadow walk: teleport through shadows
Shadow bow: shoots arrows that cause the victim fatigue, until they collapse from the strain.
Shadow Illusions: Favorite illusion is a ghostly shadow hound

Physical Appearance

Raven often dresses in black leather coupled with tailored shirts, nearly vampire-like. Her nearly blue/black hair droops over her smoldering stare. Her skin is pale and almost has a glow about it.

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Image of Raven
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