Image of Benjamin Hale (*Code ID: Harbinger)

Summary: A psychic hero like

Benjamin Hale (*Code ID: Harbinger)

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Gender: Male. Absolutely straight. Does not get confused by bathrooms.

Age: 17

Group: Class A

Anything to add

His family ran a "Small business". There are laws about how much the government can purchase from corporations. The family buys from the corps and sells to the government. The transaction is virtual, his family gets a percentage of every contract they help various corporations fill.
Because of the sensitive politics, His family kept him too busy to cause any trouble. He grew up learning; Acrobatics, Gymnastics, speed Martial arts, chemistry, electronics, and computer programming, in addition to his home tutoring. Being a prodigy, He received an electrical engineering degree at the age of 17 and moved out.


The science of being a clairvoyant psychic
1. Quantum mechanics, non-locality: Faster than light information transfer regardless of distance.
2. Quantum mechanics, double slit experiment variations: information travels to the past.
3. Quantum mechanics, probability wave collapse via observation:
Intentionally affecting probable outcomes through observation.
4. Orch-or theory: microscopic tubular structures present in the cytoplasm of cells. These are biological quantum computers interacting with quantum wackiness and this is the answer to the hard problem of consciousness.
5. Pre-stimulus response: Some people experience regular precognition detectable via skin conductance. This can be felt as an intuitive urge to evade danger up to 8 seconds (aprox-max) in advance of the stimulus.
6. Optical illusions: the brain can process sensory information incorrectly, and these errors can be provoked to occur.

Powers, always on, self-only.
Precognitive consciousness: Nightshade's mind is aware, active, and working up to eight seconds into the future. This provides him with the following.

Danger sense - Nightshade's precognition warns him of danger ahead of time.

Awareness - Nightshade has a clairvoyant spatial awareness up to a 30ft radius. This awareness ignores darkness, concealment, and obstacles.

Heightened sense, penetrating (Awareness) - in a 30ft area nightshade can perceive clues, details, persons, traps, hidden caches, etc regardless of obstacle.

Enhanced agility, Accelerated initiative - his actions are already in motion, Long before you can even see what he is doing. He can even dodge bullets (not because he is super fast, but due to him being faster than the shooters). He may even be able to fight super-speed foes.

Perfect moves - having time to analyze future probability enables him to select the most optimal outcome intuitively and move towards that goal. He never trips, stumbles, or fumbles. His agility and martial arts skill seem to exceed what is humanly possible. Though precognitive awareness he alters some probability in his favor; figuratively, He is "lucky" when it comes to movement and fighting.

Dim - nightshade has the ability to become a "psychic blindspot", becoming undetectable to others without having to hide or move stealthily. He is occluded from their awareness. Limitation: does not affect technological sensors.

Telepathy - mind reading, sending thoughts, and mind probing for specific memories/information.

Physical Appearance

Nightshade is your typical lean muscled, athletic adult, 5'10", 180 lbs, short raven wing black hair, chrome-blue eyes, light tan.

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Image of Benjamin Hale (*Code ID: Harbinger)
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