Tendin a Colorado bar

Anders sat behind the bar on an old stool. The red leather was worn and the cushion was settled with a indentations from many years of sitting having taken their toll. With his laptop out and a couple text books on the bar top. Anders Class was trying to complete a chemistry assignment. In Ander’s mind, this was child’s play and it was had to hold back with the intuitive knowledge that he had about matter. He was doing classes on line this term. He enjoyed being in the lab more, but he had to do what was required.

Over at the table in one of the corners of this hole in the wall bar sat sat a table with the patrolmen and sheriff. One pitcher of beer and two cravats of coffee had been consumed already along with four steak sandwiches, three orders of French Fries, and an order of onion rings. The bar was close enough that Anders could travel to the university
miles away and far enough away that the rent was cheap. Heck, working some shifts at the bar his parents owned gave him an apartment up stairs and food. Since he had come into his powers the bar was starting to really turn a profit.

Even some of the college kids came out here to drink. Anders had not put the pieces that the college girl who waited tables normally in tight yoga pants actually had a crush on him. He had done some bar chemistry tricks for her friends. He was part of he front line fo the community, he normally heard about actions against those with powers before they occurred. Being a nerdy local kid most people did not pay attention to him unless they wanted a drink.

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