Pepperoni hold the gunshot

“A hospital, got one here?”

As the door opened an amen entered with a beard that Anders would have killed for. The bar had rough stretch for a time as a couple motorcycle gangs took turns claiming it and fighting. So Anders instinctively reached for the aluminum baseball bat that was kept under the bar. When he noticed the black tear, he knew he needed to distract the officers, so he sent over another picture of beer and a pizza that he was going to eat for lunch.

“Someone ordered and did not show, enjoy.” He said as he moved to the stranger. He took him off to one of small store rooms near the door. “Dude, you trying to get yourself killed asking a question like that here ,” he whispered as he pulled out a cot and a first aid kit. He through a plastic bag from a roll down, it was relatively germ free and more importantly would catch the dripping blood. He would need to mop the floor before the officers decided to get back to doing their jobs. Which would be a while with a pizza and more more beer.

“I’ve taken care of some knife wounds and one gunshot before,” he said. His father had been a combat medic and patched up a few of the bikers that were not assholes. He had learned a bit from his Dad. He pulled out gauze and alcohol to clean the area.

“Do you want to be awake for this or something to bite on?” He asked as he helped him down to the cot and closed the door.

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