Anders wanted to find out the guy’s name or handle before he left.

The man said, “Thank you for the help, hope medical school works.” Before he put money on the bar top and left. The nice part of being in Colorado was the mountain man look was not really a shocker and he blended in. He also knew he would be back at some point.

“If they let me in,” Anders quipped with a smile. Like keeping people with powers from learning medicine was going to keep them from healing themself. As he moved with his mop he saw a woman come in, another stranger. This was unusual and set him on edge a little. He picked up the bill and stuck it in his packet before the waitress, who was lounging in a booth leaning back against the wall waving a knee back and forth enough to make Anders have dirty dreams while he as awake. Dreams the probably would never come true. But it was a fun dream anyway. She was a good waitress when the place was busy and tips were coming in.

He quickly mopped the floor doing the expected half-ass job that one would be expect. Hell enough blood had been spilled in this bar before the cops started coming that it would glow in black light. He just needed to make the new blood less obvious. The officers started to head out throwing cash on the bar top. Mostly fives and a couple tens. One of the officers threw the waitress a $20 and she tucked it away. Anders would have been happy to go search for it. He sighed and thanked him. The sheriff ruffled his hair as he had done since he was about eight.

“Welcome, what would you like?” He asked the woman trying to use her femininity to her advantage. he smiled at her effort, any positive attention was a good thing.
“A double Cheese, grill the onions, and jalapeños, with a side of fries and a large Dr. Pepper, please,” she said.
“I’m on it,” as he headed back to the little cook top to start cooking. He pulled a near white apron on.

“What brings you in?” He asked as he through five patties on the grill and pulled the diced onions from the refrigerator. ”Pepperjack, American, or Swiss?” He called through the window to the woman as he threw buns on the grill to toast them. He liked to think being a bar tender was a lot like being a detective. People were interesting puzzles. Take for example the cops coming in to drink a pitcher to later pull people over who did the same thing. He dropped a basket of fries for her and made a salad for himself. After the medical school comment, he would feel dirty to eat the fried potato treated.

He pulled the basket up about 10 seconds before the timer went off, then flipped the burgers. He grabbed catchup, mustard, a small thing of pickles, and lettuce in bowls and brought them out. The Dr. Pepper came out of a old coke machine that held glass bottles, his father had a Mexican connection that brought the stuff up made with cane sugar weather than corn syrup.

He set it on the top for her. Bottle openers were spaced down the bar from the glory days when everything came in glass. Then went back to get the burgers of the grill and put them on plates. He put the fries into a paper basket, he stacked the double cheese burger up for the woman and brought it out. He grabbed his food and a burger and fries for the waitress. He hit the bell to get her attention. She came up still face in her phone and picked it up to realize there was only one patron sitting at the bar and she had food.

Anders sat down across from the woman half expecting the woodsman to come back now that the cops left. That is why he made a second burger but had not put cheese on it yet.

The nice part of having powers of mater was that cooking was fun because you knew when things were done.

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