"im Nyra" she answered the girl "and that their is my best friend Ryan...he seems scary but really hes a big softie. she took her pack off and dug around in it for some clothes and came up with a pair of sweats and a t shirt. "these will probably be a little big for you but you can keep them" ryan scoffed as he laid out on one of the beds. there were only two in the room. "as if... please don't forget ur built like a child your doubt they will fit her fine." nyra tossed a pair of socks at him and he snickered before throwing one arm over his face and trying to go to sleep.
she turned to Lyra the girl looked like she could be her sister and it was alittle off putting. she hadn't been home since she was 16 but still she thought she would know if she had a sister. maybe she was a clone sent buy Anubis? some experiment gone wrong and escaped? she tried to think of wear Anubis might have gotten ahold of her DNA and then shook her head. your letting paranoia get to you. she scolded her self. "we will be right out here if you need us.. there is usually complimentary soap for the guest in these places.. its what we use."

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