The Raven's Call

She watched the half man behind the bar. He cooked a perfect burger, he cooked perfect fries. Food never tasted like this, everything perfectly perfect.
She also watched the waitress. That one had a normal aura, but not him.
She finished and called him over. She leaned in a little, making sure he could see her cleavage as she whispered in his ear, "I'm so fucking broke. I need a favor," she ran a finger down his jawline to his chin.

"I needed to eat, but I just didn't have the energy to rob a liquor store. The only thing I got is...well," making sure he was checking out the goods while that waitress remained clueless, "a couple of blunts...and...a little time for extra...curricular...activities," she said as throaty and sexy as possible - without sounding stupid (which already did in her mind) and pouted.

She made show of taking a nice long sip of soda for him, winked, giggled a little and smiled at him. She thought he might actually be worth the time. It had been a while since she indulged herself...

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