There and Back

Heading into the streets, Will looked to retrace his steps. With a trained eye, it wasn’t hard to pick out the tracks of stumbling prey, something any hunters would love to find.
Let them.
When he had been chased, he was wearing his northern apparel. Thick fur and leather had him appear quite different when contrasted to the simple camo hunting coat and jeans that he wore now.
Walking with more vigor, Will took a path adjacent to his last. This time however, he paid more attention to his surroundings, grateful that he seemingly hadn’t been followed.
A good half hour passed with no interruptions, Will retrieving what he could carry and stashing the rest back.
Two knives, a bag with minor medical supplies(gauze, sutures, and a small flask of vodka), and another change of clothes.
He had taken the clothes from one of the hunters, a thought that gave him a small chuckle. Guy was probably freezing by the time the others found him.
With a tight fitting orange long sleeved shirt, which unfortunately revealed a bit too much of his midriff, and pants that had way too many pockets, Will put the hunting coat back on and left to return to the bar.
If not for food alone, the kid provided a safe house and might know of others.

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