Dropping the gauntlet

Anders smiled as he peeked. Then looked at the woman offering to throw herself at him. The thought was tempting. It felt wrong to him though. He leaned over trying to respond as seductively to her and failing. “One of is is too sober and I never get drunk,” he whispered to her, he had dropped the gauntlet.

His cheeks and ears were flush as he had enjoy looking down her top. His body screamed virgin nice guy. But, it had been a slow day and the waitress had him in a mood.

He had no intention of sleeping with the woman, his Dad had a good rule, if a woman is willing to throw herself at you for food, she was in need. He had seen his share of druggies, homeless, and down and outs at the bar. He had tied to help out where he could. He knew that a really drunk woman would easier to park in his apartment and she would be safe for the night. The value of the tale he could tell his college buddies would be worth more than the cost of the food. The truth was he wanted to... flirt and blow off some of the tension he was feeling.

He knew that the waitress could care less they could have sex on the bar and she wouldn’t notice. As she was into her phone and the french fries.

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