A slow introduction for "Harbinger". An omen of woe to follow.

I was in bed, asleep. Just like most other people at 02:00 A.M. When I was seized by a nightmare.

"It is a dark alley illuminated by a florescent tube, all of the others are burnt out. Heaps of trashbags, a dumpster, scattered trash. Electrical junction boxes hum with electricity, each marked with their street address. I can see three back doors to each building left, right, and at the end of the alley.
I hear voices of angry men, I hear cries of fear. The door at the end of the alley is thrown open. With a scream of terror a blonde haired young lady is escaping.
A gloved hand pokes through the darkness of the door frame, pointing a gun at the fleeing blonde teen.
I see the gun fire, and I scream enraged by the crime. The scene backs out to the girl, her watch says 02:03."

I wake up, in my bed, safe at home. I write down everything I can remember from my dream, including the addresses I saw. I know it hasn't happened yet...

It will happen tomorrow night.

I get up. I get dressed in my harbinger garb. I have to go there. I need to make preparations. I can rig a hiding spot and bring a surprise of my own.

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