The other

They had herd the running and new it had to be anubis chasing some one nyra closed her eyes and took a deep breath... suddenly a thick fog started to roll in. She just had to get them to stop long enough for ryan to get close.
Once they were paused looking aroumd in confusion ryan stepped from hos hoding spot. With a quivk flick of his rist and jerk of his body he made the whole squad disappear..not really he had only dropped them some where in the jungle. They stood and made sure they didnt hear anything more before waliing alittle farther into the woods. " should we really be trying to find who ever it was ?" Ryan asked skeptically. " i saw her went they ran by us..she looked like a kid." They stopped walking and nyra scanned the trees and forest around them. " its can come out now...he sent them away...we wont hurt you..we are like you" ryan looked like he was going to say something in protest but nyra raised her had cutting him off so she could listen.

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