Anders had just got the bar mopped and the waitress, sadly, went home early. He had been blasting new digital the jukebox as he worked. As he swept the corners he came across a piece of wadded up paper that one of the offices must have dropped from his coat pocket.

As he un-crumpled it and started to read it. "Crap," he said. It was an official notice that Anubis agents were coming to the area to deal with some problems and demanded the support of the local law enforcement. Those bastards were going to probably be in his bar, eating his food and drinking his alcohol.

Yeah, some abnormals destroyed a city. But he wasn't one of those assholes. He had gotten a couple girls drunk and one got pregnant. He hadn't even taken either of them home or to bed. Heck he didn't even get to first base with either of them. He stuck the paper in his pocket. He would need to get the word out to someone. He wish he had gotten any information from either of his strange guests today. If only he took her up on her offer, but then he would have missed the paper. Then his mind went to the waitress, well parts of the waitress anyway. He closed his eyes and breathed out dropping the hormones raging in his body. He had learned earlier that he could bulk up if he needed too. Hormones controlled a lot of biological functions. Right now they were controlling his mental functions.

He needed to get out of the bar and go for run to figure this out. Up to his apartment he went putting on running shorts and an orange shirt and set out for a nice three mile run at 2 am.

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