Fair Warning

Actually taking the road into town provided more confusion then help for Will. While it made his old trails run cold so that hunters had more difficulty finding him, he was almost ready to turn around and retrace his steps again.
He needed to find that kid again, warn him that hunters might pass through. He was sure that the kid hadn't survived in public by his good looks alone, but he felt compelled to look out for him. Would have been nice to have a clue every now and then when he was younger, that's for sure.
He had to stop several passerby for directions, luckily the establishment having a good reputation and a welcoming bar tender led to many people knowing where it stood.
Which led him back to the place, thankfully less crowded as before and the boy looked to be just leaving.
"Hey kid, was hoping to catch you again. Look, some hunters might come through looking for me, figured I'd give a heads up since you took care of me. Was also wondering if you knew of any place I could lie low here?"

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