As he was locking the door to go run, the mystery man showed up again. As he approached he unlocked the door again and turned on he light. “Are you hungry?” Anders asked showing the man in. He locked the door behind them and went back into little kitchen. Bread, lunch meats, cheese, hips, pickles, onions and tomatoes all were placed on a platter. “I can’t serve beer after I lock up.” He put a bottle leaning in a bottle opener, a Molsen Golden. “But if something happened to fall on one and the top came off..” he said.

“My name is Anders,” he said as he passed over a plate and the platter. “I’ve grown up in this bar,” he said in sort of a proud way. He was a fixture here, like the lights or the beer. It allowed him the hide in plain sight. The town was proud of their chemistry protege, but few had stopped to thing that would mean he would leave some day.

Anders pulled out the paper that had found earlier and passed it over to him to look at. Watching to see the man’s reaction.

He was going to tell him about the patrol that would come by in about 20 minutes to check that the doors were locked and he was in safe. “There is some cottages over that way,” he said and pointed in a direction. “But checking in at this time with no car would cause some questions to be asked,” he continued. “I’ve got a couch you can crash on tonight,” he said. As he made himself a sandwich too.

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