Man at the Window

Once more caught off guard by the kids warm reception, this time he didn’t question the good and drink given. He wasn’t sure how much it costed, but he figured forty bucks ought to cover.
“Thanks, Anders. Have to say it’s been a while since I had this much hospitality.”
Taking the paper mid-bite, he groaned as he read its message.
“Hunters AND Anubis? Looks like I will be heading out sooner than I’d hoped. I’ll admit, your skills make one hell of a burger.”
Nursing the beer in between bites, he figured he could be a few miles away from the town before morning, although he could be farther if...
No, that “solution” almost got him killed. They were getting smarter.
“I’ll have to pass on the room. If they found out you had harbored me, they would for sure find out your secret and they don’t have any schools where they put you.”
Finished with the burger and not yet fuzzy from the booze, he turned to leave and scowled. A familiar man tapped in the glass, a true stereotype looking figure of the overly serious merc, scar on his eye and everything.
“Damn, looks like they were extra perky today. Look, once I deck this guy and get his attention, you lock the door again and play the innocent bartender. Best of luck to you Anders.”

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