The camp

had been about an hour by the time she had dried and dressed. the clothing was a little lose but it was because she was prity thin to begin with. her skin was pail and her hair was a bright red and hung in cute ringlet curls." thank you what is this place your headed to" she asked with a smile.

Nyra wa drapped over s legs and he had one palm resting on her forhead like he had slapped her there and never moved his had. Both looked up as she adressed them. Tyand rubbed the bridge of his nose and shrugged. " a camp out in Colorado....a bunch of abnormals banding together to make a life off grid and away from regular people" nyra nodded in agreement. " we think we would fit in well there...ryan can build things really well im a healer and we both hunt and farm so maybe we could be useful" she added. Ryan gave the girl a once over. " so is that all you do? Shapeshift?" He asked bluntly nyra elbowed his shin. " its rude to as some one abouy their powers like that" she scoled " like what?" He said defensively " So iS ThAt AlL YoU Do?" She said mocking him he palmed her face " hush you." He looked back at lyra clearly waiting for a answer.

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