In the Shadow

Raven watched from the shadows.

She was about to cloak wolf girl in shadow, but the arrival of the others, that seemed to spell trouble - at first.

She watched and listened as they spoke. Luckily a fog rolled in further obscuring her dark figure. She would wait and observe.

Yes...this was the way of shadow.

Be still and listen. Watch and observe. What do you smell? What is the texture of the land? What do you taste in the air, in the grass? All of these things would allow her to remember what happened, what was said, and where it all took place.

Years of hiding her powers, and years of hiding from others had taught her to look for ways to survive. She read books on subterfuge, on the art of invisibility, of not being noticed, of not being seen. She trained herself constantly. Her strange obsession with the occult also seemed to help her.

Chakras flowing in constant rhythm with the world around her allowed her to sense the others before she could see them, and wolf girl - as she named her, her aura was pure, the other two not so much, but they meant no harm.

She eased back her reliance on Shadow. She knew what would happen if she gave in fully to it. Often times it spoke to her in subtle waves of bliss, like a lover calling, a soft seductive, silky hand of madness. She knew all she would find there was dread, doom and death. She brushed it aside as if it were a cobweb in her path. Instead, she listened...intently.

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