bird girl

Ryan took a step back as the girl landed but Nyra stayed where she was. her heart broke for her. the poor child look like she had been alone for a long time. "yes we really are like you... I'm sorry you have been running that long...are you alone?" Bryan scanned the area as the girls talked. he could feel eyes on them and from how stiff Nyra looked he could tell she did to even if she didn't look away from the girl he knew her ears were picking up every little sound.
Nyra kept her eyes on the girl but every hair on her body was standing up. she could feel the eyes and wondered if this was a trap. maybe from Anubis? maybe a rouge group of abnormal? she took her pack off and dug out a bottle of water and a pack of crackers then offered them to the girl. "here this will help a little. do you have some where you can go?" she asked "what's your name?"

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