place to go

Nyra shook her head "no honey we would never turn you can come with us... there is a place out in Colorado is supposed to be a cap full of people like us." she said as she slid her back back on "but for now we are headed a few towns over their is a place that rent out cabins so we wont be right next to any one. "you can come with us if you want".
Ryan moved closer to Nyra and gave her small nod. who ever was watching them still hadent showed their self and it was not sitting well with him. "if shes coming she needs to get ready to leave" he ignored the dirty look Nyra gave him as he gathered his energy for the jump. Nyra offered her had to the girl with a smile. and he was again amazed that despite everything she really had stayed a warmhearted and sweet person. she could have turned cold and stand offish like the rest of their kind. like him. but she hadn't and he would never under stand why.

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