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Summary: I Love you till I die

Tim of Brigistopolis

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Gladiator of Brigistopolis


Sharizie Caletanie


Gladiator. Uncontested champion of the Brigistopolis Arena.


Champion of the Brigistopolis Arena

Physical Appearance

Tall, muscular, long blonde hair


Tim was born in the northern (cold) part of the kingdom of Sharizie Caletanie.
Once he visited the arena of Brigistopolis together with his parents and he wanted to become one of them. His parents didn't want to let him go, but after they decided to do so, they were surprised by his skill. He was immediately taken into the arena and trained hard to sharpen his talent and skill. After a few years of training, he did beat the champion, then Jurgen, and is still the champion nowadays.

His parents are still alive and very proud of their son, the champion.

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Image of Tim of Brigistopolis
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