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Summary: I'll win you over... in one way or another.

Minos of Dragonija

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: Nobility of Dragonija




Diplomat and 'face' of Dragonija.
Very skilled in combat as well.


Prince of Dragonija and heir to their throne.

Physical Appearance

Toned physique, red hair.

Personality and interests

Very charming
Quick witted


(Just an idea here - what if the 'prince' is the Fire Gladiator?)

His father, the king, thinks he's weak and pays attention only to those in the ring. So, Minos trained in secret and rose to become the Fire Gladiator while seemingly hating the arena and speaking of it so disdainfully - so he has an excuse to never be watching the fights.

Favourite Sayings

I'm a coin, with two sides...

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Image of Minos of Dragonija
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