silent threat

For a moment Tim didn't know what to say. He never had thought about the idea of Jurgen losing his champion position because he asked for Mariana's help earlier. In disbelief he shook his head, now everything he understood everything. Never he had understood why Jurgen, who was much more skilled than he, lost the champion match. He inhaled deeply, he would need some time to process all Jurgen just told him.

The Thraex raised an eyebrow when the Murmillo gave him a nudge. One day I will reclaim the champion belt. Also when it was said playfully, he heard a silent threat in the words of his opponent. He growled, then jumped in front of the Murmillo. "Are you threatening me? You can have lost your position as payment to Mariana, but it doesn't mean you are the best," he asked and laid his hand on the hilt of his sword, stepping closer to Jurgen.

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