Jurgen growled deep in his throat as a warning for the Thraex. "You don't want to challenge me now," he said in a low voice. For a short moment the two men looked at each other, like frozen, with his hand he finally softly pushed aside the sword of the Brigistopolis champion. He gave him a last warning glare and then walked passed him through the gates giving entrance to the arena. It was a silent battle between the champion and the former champion and he wasn't sure who had won this time, so when he walked past the champion he was ready to pull his sword when Tim decided to attack him.

Back in his cell he pulled his sword out of it's richly decorated sheath and he examined his sword. In the soft candle light he run his thumb along the blade. He had sharpened it yesterday also when he knew he wouldn't fight for a long time. Taking care of his weapon, his pride, was something he did regularly. His side was still burning, also when the best doctors had taken care of it, he still was worried it wouldn't heal. He inhaled deeply, pressing his hand to his side. A small smile came to his lips, also when he now was wounded Tim had taken his words as a threat. At least he hadn't lost everything of his former reputation.

After a while he got up for the evening meal in the arena. Walking through the dark hallways he was always wary. He wasn't visiting for a championship, every gladiator now could kill him when they wanted and he wasn't as fit as normal. Maybe even a beginner now could give him serious trouble when suddenly had to pull his sword.
He was glad when he came into the dining room of the arena. The long wooden tables did remember him of home and he inhaled deeply to suppress the upcoming pain. Jurgen's attention was immediately drawn to a large figure in the middle of the dining room. It was a few years ago when he had seen him last. Andreas of Elbria, the Elbrian champion. He made his way between the other gladiators and stopped behind the champion. "Long not seen, Elbrian Champion," he said and laid his hand on the shoulder of the Elbrian man.

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