herbal healer

Andreas shook his head. "No, i don't know," he answered, then looked over to him shaking his head. Soon his eyes traveled to the side of the gladiator and he frowned lightly. "Did you let our doctors treat that wound?" he asked and bent over to take a close look at it. "Doesn't look that good, friend," not many gladiators died in the Elbrian Arena due to the skilled doctors and Andreas knew it was different in the other arena's. But from what Jurgen told him, it had been a clash between two champions and not seldom one of the two died, maybe not directly but after a few weeks when their wounds got infected. When he was honest the gladiator didn't look very well. His face showed the signs of high fever, also when he saw how he tried to hide it. It was the best when he would let a herbal healer look at it. He hesitated, then cleared his throat. "Maybe you need to visit Mariana, she knows a lot about how to treat deep wounds. But I know it is forbidden to visit magicians in your country. But when you don't want to die..." he gave him a small nod.

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