last and first

A soft growl of frustration rolled over Jurgen's lips when Andreas mentioned Mariana. The old witch seemed to be everywhere. Would she never let him in peace. He sighed, then growled in pain as the wound in his side started to get painful again, but he didn't wan to visit Mariana again. He already had visited her today and he didn't feel much for facing her again in less than 3 hours, so he only shook his head. "No, thank you Andreas. I will keep it in mind, but for now I feel well," he said, when he said so he felt suddenly how he started to shake. Hot. Cold. Pain. Hot again. Surprised he took a step back, never had his body react like this. It felt like it wasn't his own body, like he was living in someone else. "Maybe I also don't feel that good," he said, his voice suddenly a soft whisper, "can you get her for me?" As much as he was shaking now he could barely stay straight, let alone take the walk to Mariana.

While his body doesn't seem to know whatever he was feeling hot or cold, he turned his eyes to Andreas. A feverish shine in his otherwise always so clear blue eyes. "Andreas, do you have parchment and some ink? I need to write Leticia something," he couldn't understand why he suddenly wanted to write to her, but deep inside he felt it could be the last letter he would ever write to her. And also his first.

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