He was aware of everything that happened around him. How he also tried his very best to move his limps, his muscles didn't obey him anymore. It frustrated Jurgen more than anything else, he heard the voices around him, but wasn't able to respond to them as well.

Urnar still sat at the side of his nephew, rubbing his hand, securing himself he was still alive. With a sigh he got up, not wanting to leave him, buy he had to as he had to search for Andreas. The Elbrian Champion knew better than him how to please Mariana and he wanted nothing more than to have his nephew back.

As he walked through the dark hallways lightened by torches, he walked past the Brigistopolis Champion and he gave him a small nod, with a slight gesture of his hand he gestured he wanted to speak to him in a few minutes. Tim nodded and he walked outside where he knew he could find Andrea's. He was frustrated, desperate than he wanted nothing as bad as his family back. He stepped forward, not knowing if he was disturbing something between him and Adelina, but now he didn't care that much. "Andrea's, can I speak to you?" he asked, leaning against a pillar, the darkness hiding the pain on his face.

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